Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Had Enough!!!

My Counterfeit Kit this month was so large that I have made FIFTEEN pages, ONE double layout and ONE card.

I have enjoyed using this kit and even though there are a few (mmm, a lot) of bits left, there isn't enough paper to create anything else hence the reason for a divided page to use up the scraps.

The last two pages are shown below and I look forward to March's CK which will hopefully inspire me to create a lot more pages next month.

So my first layout uses a bit of paint to break up the plain background. I used a 99p crisp bake tray and dabbed the paint through the holes using two different colours. (I am constantly looking for cheap items to use as stencils/masks)

And, as I said before, in order to use up my papers scraps from my kit, I've created a divided page.

Why don't you keep an eye out over on CKCB and join in?


  1. WONDERFUL layouts, Lesley!!! I love how you cut your top photo on the split layout. It really brings the top and bottom together! Thanks for the fabulous tip on looking for cheap masks. I'll be keeping my eye out!

  2. great layouts and great idea on the mask!

  3. this is fabulous.. Love the split page. my fave is the first LO!

  4. Fabulous layouts!! I love the masking technique in the first one, I might be headed to the dollar store to see if I can find one of those crisper trays!

  5. Good tip on the masking on the first page, and way to go killing your kit!


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