Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Making Up For Lost Time!!!!

Today I have well and truly got back into my crafting. I've been wanting to get stuck in for days but just haven't had the chance, time or enthusiasm really.

This morning started slow and I wasn't quite sure where it would go but then, it went...

Using my multi pocket protectors, I wanted to create pages from my holiday using all the little photos that I had printed but didn't warrant their own "big" page.
So the first task was to sort out those photos into little piles to make sure I didn't miss any out which is easily done (yes, I've done it before)

So, onto the pages, project life it's not but project holiday? YES!

I promised yesterday I would photograph Imogen's gift to her BF for Valentine's Day. Even if he's not happy with the bag I'm sure he'll be happy with the contents!

I think I've had a really good day today and still time for more...

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  1. I like the idea of Project Holiday (PH for short) ... you are good at slicing those photos in just the right place ... looks hard to do, but very effective!


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