Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Pitch

A few months ago, a letter came home from school with details of a school trip to South Africa in 2014.
The opportunities for school children these days is amazing, if you can afford it!

My husband, being part of a big family, never even got to go on day trip with school and therefore wants to give DD the best in life.
Now although I do agree with him, I don't believe in putting everything on a plate for her.

A few days after the letter arrived I returned home after being out for the day and she had put together a whole presentation on how the trip would benefit her education and ways that she could raise at least half of the £1400 to contribute towards the cost.
She sorted out all her cupboards in her room with a huge pile of things to sell (she's a bit of a hoarder so this proved that she was keen) and started raising the money.

Two weeks later, she changed her mind and decided that she would go when she was in year 11 so the trip would have move benefit on her Geography GCSE.


  1. After all, its a woman's prerogative to change her mind! Did she put all the hoarded items back in the cupboards? LOL

  2. I love that she will be contributing (whenever she takes the trip).
    I have never heard anyone who regretted an educational trip to South Africa. It's apparently fascinating and beautiful!

  3. I am very impressed both with the fab page and your daughter. Mine just handed £1700 over for her share of her expedition ... and offered to eventually pay the other half too!! Told her to start saving for something else instead.

  4. I loved this page so much I pinned it right away. I really like the use of the frames around the photos and the angled design supporting the idea of taking off!


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