Monday, 5 August 2013

Better Late Than Never!

A quick card from me today.

I made this for my Godfather. August 5th has crept up very quickly and unfortunately it will arrive with him late.
I'm not overly happy with how it's turned out but I'm sure he'll appreciate the enclosed pipe tobacco more.
It's such a shame how I've seen him go from a very active man to one that has now sat in the same chair for over a year and gets up only to go to the bathroom or to go to bed.
Needing a knee replacement they found a heart condition on his pre-op and therefore wouldn't operate. His only vice from then on was to sit and watch tv or read the paper - he now has cataracts on both eyes and is too scared to have the simple surgery to have them removed. The curtains are kept closed as he is now too scraed of the outside world having not left the house for so long.

How a life can suddenly change - live for today!!!


  1. How sad :( Sorry to hear that. Sure he will love your card and the pipe :)

  2. Oh that's sad! But I'm sure the card and tobacco will cheer him up:)

  3. I'm saddened to read this Lesley, big hugs, I hope from one of your future posts that things will become better :)


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