Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hidden Depths

Have you seen the challenge on the Counterfeit Kit Blog today?
Wanna know what it is?
Let me help...

Challenge #1:  Geocaching Challenge  
Geocaching is a treasure hunt where you get clues/coordinates to find something hidden and for this challenge...make something on your project "hidden"...don't forget to show us what it is!

I was a little worried about this at first but whilst creating a page for a different challenge, it just happened - although I now have to think of something for the other challenge!

These photos were taken on my birthday in the garden. After a couple of drinks, I gave my phone to DD and asked her to take A photo. About 50 later and some very silly poses, I finally managed to retrieve my phone from her mits.
My journalling is inside the creased the zigzag paper which then tucks under the photo to hold it in place.
(Nothing special unless you hate your handwriting as much as I do)

What will you hide on your page?
I've another (better) one to share for the CKCB
blog hop on the 24th of the month. 
Will you put your name down and join us to showcase your hidden depths?


  1. delightful page, and I like your handwriting

  2. Saw a FB post where she hijacked your phone again - revenge is sweet, hehe!

  3. Love hidden journaling... a great way to make more room on the page with the added bonus of hiding any written blunders - as I usually make when writing!

  4. Great hide! I actually have a real geocache that we placed years ago on the coast. It still gets lots of visits.

  5. I originally thought that you had hidden the one photo you like in amongst the hundreds of outtakes! But the hidden journalling is always a winner. Don't know why you don't like your handwriting though ;-)


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