Friday, 9 August 2013

Rockin' All Over The World

Not literally all over the world but across the pond.
Very excited as today is the start of our 3rd USA Road Trip.
More on that next week...

So, what has Rocked Your World this week?
My week started off at CarFest, Oulton Park. Our very first festival! We only live 5 minutes down the road so instead of staying, decided to do daily visits and enjoy our home comforts!

The Vulcan Bomber was spectacular
The weather was glorious
The free samples were in abundance


Mr Hollywood waved at ME!
The music was great
we spent the weekend together as a family.

Imogen's Zoo School was a success and she had a great time playing with penguins, getting up close and personal with rhinoceros, mammal trapping, butterfly counting (there's an app for that!) and much more...

Nick's shift changed which meant he had more time to (help me) prepare for holidays.

Following on from last week re the assault and since the independent witness came good, the police will now be interviewing the alleged - I would like to be a fly on the wall when the police knock on her door!!!

All the paint is out and ready as my wonderful Daddy is decorating for us whilst we're away!

The packing is nearly finished and we head off to the airport hotel tonight for our flight to Miami.
My post next week will be full of holiday rocks...(if I haven't been eaten by an alligator)

(Apologies if I don't comment on your "rock" posts for 3 weeks but I will do my best to catch up on my return)

I saved a hedgehog :)

Rocking the other way is the fact that my Godparents have taken a turn for the worst and being told that they don't want me to visit anymore due to the embarrassment of how they are living is quite hard to take and makes me very sad.
But, even though I am not next of kin (they don't have a next of kin) their doctor has spoken to me about them and I now hope that there will be some intervention - fingers crossed...

Have rockin' good week, I know I will!!!


  1. Hope you have an amazing time! Cant wait to see photos. Sorry to hear about your Godparents but very pleased that the police will be going to see that horrible woman. Hope she has the fear of god put into her.

  2. Crikey what a list, your holiday sounds amazing, can't wait to see the photos. Not quite understanding the assault element or Godparents but sending love on both fronts that things get resolved quickly and life can resume normality.

    WTG you saving a hedgehog - cutest of creatures!

    Oh and someone decorating whilst you're away how awesome is that and how lucky you are to have a such a fabulous Dad, can he come and sort our bedroom out once he's done yours LOL!

    Loving the family shot - amazing stuff!

    Have a fabulous week ahead

    Much love

  3. What a fab week. Car fest looks fun and a wave from Mr Hollywood - well worthy of a mention :)

    Enjoy your holidays and how lovely to have the decorating all done for you while you are away

    Suzy x

  4. The car fest looks great. I love time spent with my family. Imogen's zoo school sounds like it was interesting and fun. have a fabulous holiday. Kate x

  5. Yay for the hedgehog. Have a fantastic trip, sounds like a fantastic time was had, I loved your rocking moments. Also how exciting to come back to a redecorated house, yay for good Dad's as well. :)


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