Thursday, 8 August 2013

I Don't Do Flowers!

If you read my post on August 1st you'll know that I deliberately left the flowers out of my Counterfeit Kit because I don't really use flowers on my layouts.
Having said that I had already decided to attempt a tutorial and it became my worst nightmare!

Ribbons, paper, punches, string all went flying as I tried and failed several times to make a flower.

"If at first you don't succeed
try, try, try again"

So I did!
It worked but this one is far too big and bulky to add to a layout but maybe a smaller one would work?

I'm always trying to think of different ways to use my crafting items and this was a good opportunity to see if I could use my hexagon nestabilities to make a flower...

 Mark a faint line down the centre of each

Fold each side into the centre

 Pinch together at arrows
 Stick with Glossy Accents

 Sew through each petal...

 ...until you have something like this

 Tie carefully ensuring petals are in the right place

Cut string, or add a button to finish.

I don't really fancy my chances at making a smaller one but you never know... 



  1. looks really clever, even at this size it would make a great decoration for a gift box or strung together make a fun garland or wreath for decorating a room.

  2. Oh, this a great flower for boys ! Very original, thanks for the tutorial.

  3. It's looks amazing, but much too fiddly for these arthritic hands!

  4. love this flower will definitely try this

  5. oh thats so cool! Love it, would be great for some projects I have in mind :)

  6. That's very pretty, and I don't know about you, but I know I'd never have enough dexterity to to a little one either.

  7. Okay! Now I MUST try a little one, lol!
    This is so clever - tough to find a new take on flowers.

  8. with boys I don't very often use flowers.....i like the look of this one though! good stuff.

  9. this is really pretty and I agree with the others - very clever too.


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