Wednesday, 3 July 2013


On Monday, I revealed my "Rainy Day" Counterfeit Kit and what better day to use it than on a rainy day.

Our Summer, here in the UK, has so far been pants and I'm looking forward to my secret (sssh!) little getaway to warmer climates. I feel like a naughty school child, running away without permission.
That's all I can tell you right now but hopefully you'll stick around and find out what on earth is going on in my secret little world on my return...

Anyway, enough secrets, what have I been doing today?
I have created a little tutorial which will be revealed on the 8th of this month so it would be great if you could stop by for that
(Suppose that's a secret too - sorry!)

Back to my "Rainy Day" kit.
I am desperately trying to use up photos BEFORE ordering anymore because I know what will happen if I get new ones.
Most of the photos I have left give me little or no inspiration but I'm trying my best to stay motivated by them and get them all cleared up so I can move on.

This girl will never understand just how much she is loved.
The sentiment at the bottom reads
"Daughters are little girls who grow up to be your best friend"
And she most certainly has.
I like how this layout has turned out considering it was one of those photos I wasn't sure what to with (not because of the content but because it's quite blurred)


  1. Beautiful layout - great sentiment. Lovely little details and layers. I love layers! Sooooo where are you going????? Jenx

  2. Great Layout. I love the way it came out! Some of my best layouts were done with pictures I wa unsure about.

  3. When you have a photo that perfectly captures the moment, you treat it like you did here - treasured & special!

  4. this is such a pretty page! I love the flowers peeking out from behind the doily and the twine around the photo. Lovely touches.

  5. very pretty layout, and I think its a great photo :)

  6. Oh this is lovely Lesley....not inspiring??? I don't think so....look what you did with it!!! :) I am really behind on blog reading so hoping that your secrets are now to see!!!


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