Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Plotting the Shops!!!

Not sure if I've told you lately but I really do have the most wonderful husband in the fact that I can buy as much scrappy stuff as I like and he doesn't mind. I joke that I sneak it in the house but I think that's for my benefit because he doesn't ask for a lot.
On our road trips in the USA I always do the driving (I'm not the best passenger) and he does the navigating.

"this map must be wrong" and "you've just gone past the turning"
are regular mutterings as we drive along.

However, one thing he does do well, is scrappy shop spotting. He always has a book in the side pocket of the car and patiently reads while Imogen and I "ooh" and "aah" over the prices in the States before coming out with bag loads of goodies.
This year, I thought I'd help and do a bit of planning beforehand and I hope some of my bloggy friends might help me out.
We will be travelling around the coast of Florida from Miami down to the Key, up to Clearwater, across to Daytona before heading back down to Miami.

Do you know of any stores along our route (apart from Michaels and Joanns) where I can stroke all those lush, cheap goodies...

Go on, help my husband me out - PLEEEEAAAASEEEEE!!!

Every year I make a journal with all the details of our trip in place.
It includes flights, car hire, documents for hotel and tickets for excursions etc.
Pockets are good for keeping tickets/documents safe as well as some kind of band to hold it all together.
This year, the Here & There paper collection has come in handy as it's mostly about travel and with a page of numbers inside it is perfect for adding the date to each page.

It's not quite finished, just a few bits to add but I do like how it's turned out.


  1. Beautiful book :) Sorry cant help with the shopping but wish I was going too!!!

  2. Can't help with the shops, but could I borrow your husband please?! Lol x


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