Sunday, 21 July 2013

Belated Rocking My World

What are you up to on this glorious Sunday.
My daughter has a cricket match this afternoon and doesn't like us to watch but I'm hoping, as it's a nice sunny day, she will reconsider and let us while away a few hours in the sunshine on our deck chairs.

We shall see...
Yesterday, I came across Rocking Your World Friday thanks to Jen over at Wear Crafts.
I just love the idea of reflecting on your week to work out the positives to think about the things that have made life more bearable and to share this with others. So, although a little late, here goes...

After a couple of hard weeks and worrying over a few things, it seems our lives have hopefully started turning a corner.

Monday came the news that, what we thought was a dead end was actually a misunderstanding and by sitting back instead of shouting loudly things seem to be moving in the required direction.
Wednesday, my Dad came over and we attended the end of year school concert. Imogen plays the violin. It was a beautiful evening with fizzy wine and strawberries & cream and some wonderful music played by some very talented teenagers. My Dad was quite overwhelmed by the amount of teenagers involved and we all had the best evening.
Imogen finished school for the Summer on Friday so the school runs are over for a while although I think this "Mum" taxi may still be heading in the same direction over the holidays as her "friend" has just asked her asked her out!!!

Anyway, back to those holiday photos. I love this one as it shows just how tall the Redwood trees really are as they poke their little heads out of the top of the fog in some kind of retaliation for covering them up!!!

I always print my photos in odd sizes and I wasn't sure how I was going to use this one.
It started off quite well but I'm not keen on how it's turned out.
Oh well, you win some....

Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you are up to...


  1. I think it's turned out just fine! Keep rocking!

  2. Oh I love that layout, amazing picture. Glad your weekend turned out well and yey for Imogen and her 'friend' lol

  3. the layout is lovely! I like your list and I am glad you are joining in! Rocking your world is a good thing to do every Friday and the lovely Virginia really is lovely! Did you pop your link on the Friday post? Make sure you do that as well as comment! Happy scrapping... and on how many different social platforms can we manage to communicate??? We will be having conversations over at least three! Take care, jenxxx

  4. Color me surprised! I never knew girls played cricket. I think that's awesome!!!!

  5. How on earth did I miss your first post - I'm so sorry, but I'm here now in a belated way! I love your Rocking moments, hope you managed some rays in the sun at the cricket. Loving the sound of the fizzy and strawbs - nom and spending time with family enjoying music by teenagers awesome stuff, I'm always amazed at how much teenagers can put into something and how much as parents and family we get out!

    I love your layout and adore the photo - how beautiful!

    Off to read your second post now!



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