Friday, 11 July 2014

Two More

is well an truly underway now and I finally found the Facebook Group.
I haven't actually posted any photos on there as yet but it is lovely to see them as they appear on my timeline.
Last week I ventured into Wales to take the child to see James Blunt.
No I didn't before you ask! 
I met my Mum and Dad, the weather was beautiful and we strolled along the promenade and to the end of the pier where I happily snapped a few shots to add to my 2014 collection..

16. A sign in a language other than English
 and more 

17.  lamp posts
the councils are adding spikes to the top of lights to stop the seagulls landing and doing their business on them (ouch!)

19. A public (remembrance) garden

I have loads more to find yet and have a list stored in my phone.
How do you remember what photos you need to capture?


  1. I have a list printed out and carry it in my hand bag... Love your lamp posts ...I didn't know there was a Facebook page..I'm off to see if I can find it now.

  2. I've photographed the list so it's in the photos section of my phone. Hoping to get lots when I go away too :)

  3. I love Wales and those dual language signs bring me right back. Also, what a wonderful collection of lamp posts! I think I have the list memorized, since I struggled with it so long.

  4. The lamp posts are lovely. But I especially love the remembrance garden.

  5. Love the lamp posts and the garden :)

  6. Excellent pics - like them all! Re. the list: I keep coming back to it. I tend to keep two or three items in mind, then when I've done them I come back and look at a few more, although sometimes I'll see something unexpectedly and remember it's on the list.


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