Friday, 11 July 2014

One (How Many Times?)

Carrying on the "One" theme from last week
this week, is asking us to share our No.1 photos.
Whether it be the word or the digit
they want to see our 1s.

           My first No1 is on this very precious
gift that my Dad gave me this week,
 a watch that used to belong to his Dad, 
a man I was never fortunate enough to know.
I was really touched when he asked if I would like it.

This "one" was above a door in Old Town
Barcelona. I wonder how old this sign is?

And this one is just fab don't you think?
There were 2 & 3 also but you only asked for 1s!


  1. Hi Lesley... a great collection of "1s", - wow the watch will be so special to you, I think that's wonderful to have something that belonged to an older generation of the family. Thanks for sharing with Our Beautiful World, cheers Robyn

  2. Brilliant ... every shot ... and what a precious gift ... Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World!

  3. Hello Lesley, three perfect shots for this promt, take care of the watch such gifts are wonderful!
    Thanky you for sharing at "Our Beautiful World"

  4. I love your photos Lesley especially the sentimental and precious! On my dad's passing my mum gave me his watch which I had given him as a gift...something I will always treasure.


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