Monday, 14 July 2014

Búsqueda del Tesoro

Well I hope I got that translation right!
Last week I was in Barcelona with my hubby while the child was in the same region on her annual school music trip.
Some of you may remember that last year we surprised her by turning up at one of the concerts
(the look on her face was priceless)
however this year she knew we would be there although she was slightly mortified to find out that her teacher had invited us to join them on their Barcelona bus tour.
(We declined through fear of her never talking to us again!)

Anyway, I wondered if I could complete Rinda's
all in one go, in just 4 days.
So with one list printed, phone and camera at the ready and husband in tow, do you want to see how I did?

1. A sign welcoming people to your home town (or a nearby town)
2. A garden gnome
3. Birds on a wire (Ok just the one!)
4. A group of tourists
5. A rack of post cards
6. An urban street scene
7. A rural landscape
8. A tattoo on a person (weirdo alert!!! If you've got a tattoo, expect photo to be taken!)

9. A bakery
10. A photo bomb (someone found lurking in the background of photo; the lurker may have intended to disrupt the picture or may be doing it unintentionally, but the background lurker is a surprise to the photographer)
(just as a took this photo the moped came into my scene)
11. A horn
12. A mascot
13. A sunrise

You gotta be kidding me!
I wasn't getting up that early on my holiday

14. A parade


15. A juggler (yep my own personal juggler!)
16. A sign in a language other than English
17. A lamp post
18. A water fall
19. A public garden
20. A bus (not a car, truck, lorry, camper or RV) with a picture painted on its sides.
21. A photograph of you with something representing the season (Yikes!)

If you find something on the list too difficult, you may substitute one of the following items for anything on the list, except for Item #21:
Alternative A: A kite, hot air balloon or blimp
Alternative B: A bird house

I didn't get the alternatives either to make up for my two fails but hey not a bad shot in four days!

I will of course still be completing it the normal way and you can where I'm up to HERE


  1. Oh it's fun doing it in one go isn't it - we did that last year in Alnwick!

  2. YAY - what a collection - props to hubby for helping out and you for being so trim!

  3. Fab photos! I love the explanation for the missing photo 13 - with you on that one lol

  4. quite a collection! the lamp-post is my favourite and is typical of the sort of photos I take. Well that and number 21! that's a super photo. looks like you had some fun

  5. did a great job. The photobomb is fab!!
    Love the washi tape background for your blog too...


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