Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tutorial Time!

During the July Counterfeit Kit Reveal 
I promised that I would be back to share my tutorials on how to make...


So here I am and here's what I did...

Firstly my attempt at the flower

I found a few different sized round things to cut around
(2 of one size and 3 of smaller sizes)
I then glued all but one large circle into quarters

I then stuck them all centrally onto the larger circle
 before adding a brad to finish it off.

Then came the "hello" die cut.
I created my words using a cursive font then mirrored it before printing onto the reverse of the patterned paper and cutting out.
Here are my words if you care to try it out.

Here you can see the word "love" printed back to front on the opposite side of the paper I want to use

 and here, cut out from the right side of the paper.

Last but not least is that gorgeous triangle paper.
I was going to ask the child to help me out again (remember that gorgeous doodle paper she created for me?) but unfortunately I left it too late and she is now en route to Spain with school!
So I had my own attempt at doodling on 8.5x11 (no time for 12x12)
 I made myself a chipboard triangle as a starting point
and here is how it looks...
(well a little bit of it anyway!)

My only problem now is that I used all my July "Big It Up" before creating these items but I am sure I can make use of them in the future!!!


  1. Excuse me, did you say "Big it Up" is all used up? How? When? On my!! I bow to you and your uber productivity.

    Love your tutorial. I have been wanting to make some burlap flowers and use big buttons in the middle. And the doodling, takes me back to high school. My pages were full of swirly drawings.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lesley! Pinning these great tutorials! THANK YOU!!

  3. Good save for us non-Silhoutters on the word art! Always forget I can do that...
    The doodle paper is marvy, and how easy was that burlap flower? Nice

  4. The triangles look like a fun thing to do

  5. I can only second what Sherrie said! I took a double take when I read that you'd used your kit up! Anyway, these tutorials are great. I like how you simplify it down.

  6. :-( lost my comment. Wanted to say that I also did a second take when I read that you have already used up your kit. That was fast! Great tutorials and I really like how you simplify things down.

  7. Such good ideas - really love the burlap flower.


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