Friday, 14 March 2014

She IS Rockin'

This Friday I am dedicationg my
Rocking Your World Friday post to this girl...
At 1634 on Tuesday the 11th of March,
she got the call.
Remember my post last week about how she's had an interview to go to
Nepal with Fire Cadets next year?
She's going!!!
(Thank you to all of you who sent her good luck and kept your fingers crossed for her)
I am so proud of her, if not a little scared, and now the fundraising starts...

As my post goes live this morning, I will be getting ready to leave home to spend a 
(hopefully) great weekend with some fabulous ladies.
I have organised my first ever retreat!

Have a great weekend and week to come.
We're on cloud 9 here.


  1. Wow! Congratulations to your daughter x

  2. Ah that's fantastic news - congratulations to her. Have a fab retreat too!

  3. BRILLIANT!!! Congratulations clever girl :) jenx

  4. YAY - well done Imogen, you're a chip off the "old" block!

  5. Wow, success runs in the family! :-) Congrats to her


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