Friday, 7 March 2014


Today, just before my Rockin post I am sharing my last layout
created with the gorgeous 12 Pledges Kit from
This one is a lot plainer than the other 3 but I really enjoyed using my stamps
(with I neglect far too often) to create a bit of a background.
 I also made the flair using my Badge It
(I think that will be coming out more often from now on too!)
If you weren't lucky enough to grab the kit whilst it was still available
make sure you grab the March one at the end of the month
(I've seen the pictures!!!!)

So, onto my reasons for being happy this week....

Oh how I squealed for joy this week when that telephone call came.
For 5 years my Mum has been having yearly check ups after
overcoming bladder cancer.
On her last check up back in December they found "something"
and we've all been secretly worried that it had come back.
Mum was very brave and it didn't seem to bother her, 
like she had a sixth sense and knew it would all be OK.
She was RIGHT - happy days - she was given the 
on Monday and a few tears of relief and
happiness flowed.

We tend to go through life thinking that these things really
aren't bothering us - they do and it affects how we behave
and how we react. 
Our sensitivity levels are reduced and maybe our tolerance to others changesduring those worrying times.
So here's my apology to those who I may have snapped at, not had the time for or generallyjust couldn't be arsed to listen to.

Normal service is resumed :)
Maybe we should all think about what others are going through before we judge their actions or words.

I wasn't looking forward to a  night out watching Bastille with DD
at the Manchester Apollo but I actually quite enjoyed it
and they probably have a new fan.
The support act was truly awful and the only words I could make out were
the "s" word and the "f" word.
Maybe I'm just getting too old!

DD had her Fire Cadet interview on Saturday.
Every two years they raise money go to a 3rd world country and build a school.
From 36 cadets, 16 will be chosen to go to Nepal in 2015
to help build a
She is so desperate to go and thinks her interview went well.
Please keep your fingers crossed for her.
Roll on March 12th when we can either celebrate
with her or pick up the pieces!

Today, Friday the 7th of March is
I joined Slimming World back in November and decided a few weeks ago
that today would be target day, no matter what I weighed, that was it.
So just over a stone and a half lighter and able to get into size 8 jeans...

To celebrate I'm having a bowl of my all time favourite food
for my lunch, risotto and garlic bread for tea
and a lovely bottle of red to share with DH
in front of the TV later.

I've had such a great week - what have you been up to?
Why not let us all know and link up with Virginia over on her blog post
Rocking Your World Friday


  1. Oh go you and the lifetime membership - that's fabulous Lesley, I unfortunately have been pratting about for quite some time now! Both you and Jen are doing great on the weight loss front! Will keep fingers and toes crossed for your daughter and hope she gets chosen for the trip, I know what a difference these things can make to a youngster (said 13 year old is off to Lesotho next November with school to work with a community and help improve their school!). Hope you have a fab weekend!

  2. What a great layout!!!! Love the stamping and everything else you did!!! Just lovely!!!!! So glad to hear the good news about your mom and good luck to you daughter!!!

  3. Wow. there are lots of good things in there. Wonderful news about your mother. A great scrapbook layout, and tremendous result with the weight-watching.
    I do hope you DD is chosen to go to Nepal. What a wonderful experience that would be for her, and a real chance to 'make a difference' in someone else's life. Have a great week. Kate x

  4. Fab layout! Great news for mam. Fingers crossed for DD. Brilliant news for target! Have a fab weekend and keep rocking the positives! Jenxx

  5. Brilliant news about your Mum ... such a relief! Love the page, especially the flair ... I'm amazed that you haven't got badges on every page if you can make your own!

    Congratulations on reaching target :-D

  6. Brill layout and some marvellous positives there <3 well done on reaching target, whoopee xxxxxx

  7. Very enjoyable post to read. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her! and smiling at the thought of someone else who loves Farleys. DH would count them as a favourite food too


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