Saturday, 8 March 2014

Not Really...

...tutorials as such but today I thought I would share
the printables that I came up with for my March Counterfeit Kit.
All these were created just by playing around in Craft Artist
apart from the tags which I don't think need much explaining!

I really don't do needle and thread but loved the look of
PL style cards so decided to try to recreate a printable or two.

 I quite liked the little tags too...
 Now I think this would be hard to print but I may just use this as a digi
background at some point.
The "love" stamp was next and I just couldn't resist recreating it
to print at my leisure

Please feel free to right click, save and print any of these 
but please leave me some love if you do.
I enjoy creating and it is nice to know if/when people use them.


  1. The faux stitching is cool on the card :) Lots of cool ideas

  2. Awesome! I lack these skills, but sure look forward to taking advantage of yours :~D Thanks for the freebies!

  3. Thanks for that.. now saved for future use!

  4. I particularly like the top two cards with the faux stitching - you are so good at this digi stuff - very impressive! And how generous of you to offer your creations to us all :-) Thanks

  5. These are fabulous - I don't tend to use printables too much as I always have issues with my printer and in a huff! But I'm planning to have a dabble with digi scrapping soon so will save them for possible future ue if that's ok? Thanks for the inspiration :o)


Thank you so much for leaving me some love!