Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bad Ending

My week started on a big and ended on a real low.

Monday was my first of three concerts this week and seeing Mark Owen perform without the boys in a small venue was just fab - had a brilliant night.

Wednesday was two of three. It was Robbie night with my sister. Had a great meal at 1847 Vegetarian Bistro in Manchester before dancing the night away to Olly and Robbie.

Friday, and three of three, Robbie again but this time it all went horribly wrong :(
About 30 minutes into Robbie's performance a very delightful woman decided she would deliberately kick my daughter very hard in the back and catapult her head first into the row in front. We had already asked for this woman to be removed as she had already pushed me down the steps. The stewards did nothing and didn't even call the police when the main incident happened. Disgraceful behaviour from all concerned. The police say she will probably just be cautioned as a witness is saying the woman fell (tut, tut for lying)

If you know the woman in the following photo (blonde hair sitting behind us) I would be very grateful if you could prick her conscience to tell the truth about what her mother did to my daughter that night.

Imogen is OK but if we had been sitting on the front row of the tier I dread to think what might have happened.

She has a bruised leg, ribs and a sore neck. please do not let this woman commit such a horrible action again....

Thank you.


  1. OMG - words fail me - what an awful thing to happen. Hope Imogen makes a full recovery and isn't put off attending concerts. I cannot imagine why anyone, least of all a woman (mother?) would do such a thing!!

  2. It was the blonde women's auntie Lesley not mother not that it makes any difference.

  3. Poor, poor, Imogen :( Such horrible people out there sometimes. Hope karma bites that woman in the a** soon enough.


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