Thursday, 16 May 2013

Another Investigation

Now, this Case File couldn't have come at a better time. 

Whilst browsing my local Home Bargains yesterday, I happened upon some gorgeous paper straws that just so happen to fit in with the "evidence" and the "scheme" of  Case File #29.

Although this is the last one posted on the Counterfeit Kit Blog over NSD weekend it certainly won't be the last time I use the case files. 
There are many, many more to be found on the Colour, Stories, Inspiration website

As there is no sketch to lift, I have taken the opportunity to be free!!!

Onto my kit - see those pretty straws (99p a pack). I'm hoping they get more in but in different colours!

and here's what I made

a 50th birthday card ...

and a layout ...

to follow...


  1. beautiful card and I love the straws! But I'm not quite 50 yet :P

  2. Brilliant usage of the straws, I love straws but never know how to use them will have to remember this!

  3. Such a pretty card! LOVE how you used the straws as candles!

  4. Lovely card and I especially love how you used the straws for candles!!


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