Tuesday, 14 May 2013

If You're Anything Like Me...

...then you will look at the following picture and take great inspiration from it!!!

So what did you see? How can you use it?

Keep reading to see how I used it as I followed another investigation, this time

 Case File #37

which is Inspiration #4 from
I'm really enjoying these Case Files, they have made me root for things that I haven't used in years which is always a good thing for me. I buy new things all the time (bit of a hoarder) and forget about ALL the other stash I have.

I love the sketch on this case file, it is very "me" with lots of white space but will my "evidence" and "testimony" fit in?

 Here is the mini kit I have put together using the "scheme" and the "evidence"

 and along with my pizza box, I made this...

So, did you see how I used my pizza box?
(I will be using the same pizza box as a mask on my next layout)

What inspiration have you taken from every day items, I would love to hear/see your inspiration...


  1. Great layout, love how you can take anything and be so crafty with it

  2. So creative! Just goes to show....inspiration is everywhere you look!

  3. Love this layout!! I like how you have just some random bits of color in your layout to mimic the photo!!


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