Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Card Day

It's been a card day today. 
Eight in total and I'm now up to date again until my sister come back to me with theme suggestions for the next lot on her list.

 I didn't follow any sketches after all today but I was
 inspired by a card from
 which I came across on Pinterest.
I made three cards.
I love the simplicity and yet I do think they are quite stunning
 (I can say that because it wasn't my idea!)

The order for the next card was "shabby chic"

and a couple of "male" ones

(is it just me, or do you hate making "male" cards?)

Back to layouts tomorrow - we shall see...


  1. Such lovely cards, adore the first

  2. I hate making male cards too, I love those first ones!

  3. Really lovely cards and I am totally with you about male cards - can't stand doing them (I am sure it is because I can't pretty them up with butterflies and flowers!!)


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