Saturday, 5 January 2013

Not Much Crop Today :(

Very disappointed in my creativity today. 
I so look forward to the monthly crop and today was no exception.


...only two layouts :(

I can usually manage 5 or 6 but after 4 hours today I had just about finished one (the one I can't show you)

I squeezed in the second one within the next two hours even there isn't much to it. Oh well, today was one of those "lacking" days!


Not a very productive day but had fun nonetheless, chatting and catching up with the girls.


  1. Such a super page. I never manage more than 2 pages at a crop - too much chat and eating. LOL
    Sue x

  2. Well two was better than my one which needs a bit of unpicking because now that I look at it, somethings not quite straight but not skew enough to look like it's funky IYKWIM!
    Love the wee banner and the b/g paper. Looking forward to seeing the other page later in the month!


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