Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Another Day, Another Challenge...

I must say, I'm so grateful for all these challenges as I'd never be able to blog every day without them!

The January Week 1 Challenge posted by Sian on UKScrappers in summary is
  1. use just one photo (the bigger the better)
  2. use scraps
  3. use a meaningful quote
  OK so my photo isn't exactly large but I felt that this one went well with the background I had created yesterday. I had used a palette knife to spread some acrylic paint, then stamped into it to create texture before spritzing (I'm getting into this messy stuff now!) I needed to leave it overnight to dry :(

Scraps - well, basically, everything you see is out of my "scrap" box, leftovers from other kits etc so I certainly tick that box

And the quote "to live happily is an inward power of the soul". I recently found a very thoughtful meaning for this which is just perfect for this photograph...

It is in your power to withdraw yourself whenever you desire. Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind, the realm of your own.

I'm not in a team and therefore not collecting points but I just love taking part in these challenges :)

Thank you, Sian, for the challenge 


  1. love the colours in this and such a nice sentiment!

  2. Another smasher Lesley - if you want to be in a team I know a lovely set of ladies (several of whom I've met in real life) who may have a vacancy!

  3. What a super page love all the layering and the delicate colouring.

  4. I love your background and how you prepared it, its pretty and strong and the colour is gorgeous! I love your LO and that photo and your use of scraps! Thanks so much for taking part in my challenge :)

  5. Yay to a gorgeous LO and a bigger YAY to getting into the messy stuff!

  6. Lovely LO.. it has really inspired me to get going.

  7. Oh yes I can see why you have had fun, this is a great idea and love the stamping into the paste, great.

    Love how you made your scraps come to life and great photo. Jen x


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