Friday, 11 January 2013

Just a Pimms Girl

I've been wanting to scrap this photo for a while now. I've played around with it and put it away again so many times, maybe because I just don't like scrapping myself. So when the House Challenge was put up on UKS, I got it out for the umpteenth time and determination took over.

The story behind the photo goes like this...

"it was my 42nd birthday and hubby and I went out for afternoon tea. Unfortunately, as he was driving, I had to drink the jug of Pimms all on my own. Being the unselfish person that I am and obviously not wanting him to drink and drive, I reluctantly drank the contents leaving the strawberries at the bottom for him to enjoy.
Later on that day, and after a few more in the garden, I got through to Simon Mayo's Drivetime to ask for a birthday request. Not believing for one minute that they would phone me back, another drink (or two) found its way into my hand and, not being a wasteful person, I enjoyed that (those) cold beverage(s) in the garden.

Then...the phone rang!!!!

I was so excited that I sounded as though I had inhaled helium and more to the point that I was rather drunk live on BBC Radio 2. Oh well, you only live once!!!

Do you want hear my few minutes of fame??? Read on...

This is the sketch set by the Green Buttons Team

 and here is my "flipped" take on it

The idea behind the empty square is to add a micro sd card with the "recording" on so that my daughter can be embarrassed, once again, in years to come!

My journaling is under my photo but now I've told you all the story, maybe I shouldn't have hidden it

So, do you want to hear the recording? Press "play" below and make sure you listen right to the end (you can skip through the song) When you've finished laughing, please leave me a comment.


  1. Ha Ha Ha ! brilliant - you got caught :)
    Like the odd pimms myself I have to say AND its my Birthday next week - too cold though.
    Great page :)

  2. LOL - you nutter :o)
    I don't know ... you go from doing lovely layouts with the stories hidden on the back, to a few excellent pages with some journalling on the front and this culminates in a brilliant page, with a fab photo, revealing *everything* in shameful detail with sound!!!!
    What next? Smellovison?

  3. love it - well done

    my birthday too today

  4. I aim to please Jemma! I blame you ;)

  5. I love a LO with a back story and this one is excellent!
    Great take on the challenge.

  6. What a scream... thanks for sharing. I can't wait for my birthday now!

  7. Such a great page. It's the week for birthdays - my three nieces have their days on the 10th, 11th and 12th.
    Sue x


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