Sunday, 6 March 2016

Pin-teresting Layout!

So we've created our kits, forged a thing or two and now it's time to join in with the challenges.
Are you with us? Let's go for it...

Challenge #1 - May You Live In Pin-teresting Times

Base a project on something spotted on Pinterest. 
But, here's the twist, it can't be a craft project (so no layouts, minis or mixed media as inspiration.) 
Look for inspiration in home decor, architecture, quotes, etc, instead.

When I first open Pinterest I see lots of pins "chosen for me" 
and I really have no idea why this one came up 

as I am in no way religious
 but it has inspired me to create 
so maybe Pinterest can mind read now!!!

You can find the original pin is HERE

So I got to work cutting out my letters on my trusty Cameo and creating my background stripes from slicing up some of my journalling cards and came with this...

My daughter looked so beautiful on Prom night last year and this layout showcases the fact that
nobody needs to spend hundreds of pounds on a dress when a £4.50 outfit does
just the same!!!

What non-crafting Pin will inspire you to create today?


  1. Oh, Lesley, this is fantastic! Even having seen the inspiration photograph, I had no idea what the finished project would look like - and it's blown me away! I would *never* have come up with this idea!

    Thanks so much for re-joining the team for the month. It's such a pleasure having you on board x

  2. LOVE what you created based on that image!! Scraplifting!!!!

  3. Oh, how I've missed your creative genius - xo

  4. This is really wonderful! If I had seen that pin, I just would have used the colors but you put such a creative spin on it. (And I get so annoyed with those "chosen for you" pins too!)

  5. This was fun to watch when you were creating it - such a clever page (and the perfect bargain ... my daughter's prom dress was twice as much!)

  6. gulp! I'm in awe of your silhouette skills and the design of this page is just fabulous. Great use of the background papers and the title work is beyond amazing! love everything about this page and the initial prompt from Pinterest would have had me just flip past it - love that you saw the potential


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