Tuesday, 1 March 2016

For One Month Only!!!

Having left the Counterfeit Kit Team last year to concentrate on things closer to home,
I was absolutely delighted to be invited back this month as Guest Designer.
Thank you girls for thinking of me and I hope I don't let you down. 

So let me introduce the kit we are forging for the month of March.
It's not quite a
kit as we are used to and
 I must admit I was little nervous when I first saw the dinky contents of the

I decided that, even though this kit doesn't have any paper involved,
I would also leave them out and add them in when required.
This, in fact, is probably very easy for me as I generally scrap on white in any case!

I know a lot of you liked how I set out my forgeries when I was on the team
so today I will do the same.

Firstly the stamp set - I'm kind of glad there are stamps involved because I have literally hundreds and constantly neglect them. I have chosen "Limor Circles" by Indigo Blue because I got it two Christmases ago and it hasn't even been out of the packet!


Next up is the plastic word "click" my choice for this is "fabulous" which i cut on my trusty Cameo

Another huge amount of neglected items in my stash is wooden shapes. They are all so beautifully arranged and labelled but again I forget they are there.
I have chosen...

Next up is chipboard shapes and chose a huge pile of polaroid frames

Word stickers are next and I've thrown a fair few of these in (just in case!)


And we can't miss out the alphas...


Journaling cards aren't something I really use as I don't really do Project Life but I have picked out a few from my huge stash that I've collected anyway in the hope that I can use some up!


This is my favourite part of this kit, the pie chart die cut transparency 
and here I have forged my own version...


...along with the sentiments labels 

So, with just those last two items to add,
"My March Mini"
is almost complete!!!

Time to move onto Susanne who will have created a fabulous kit I'm sure but before you go
thank you for having me back and I hope you will join me on the 4th to see my forgeries...

Blog hop list just in case you get a little lost...

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  1. This might be just enough to encourage me to join in again! Fabulous like your label!

  2. You nailed it! Looking forward to your forgeries too xxx

  3. Lovely kit! Great job with the substitutions, looking forwad to your projects and forgeries this month!

  4. Your journal cards are beautiful. Think outside the journaling box. You can use them for layering under photos. Journal on them, double spaced, and then slice that all up, one word per piece. Cut out the center when the boarder is extra special to make a frame. This looks like a fun bunch of goodies to work with. I especially look forward to what you do with the pie chart.

  5. Cool take of the kit :) I like the idea of the mini kit too :) It's cool to see you back even for one month I do miss the side by side comparison :)

  6. We miss you and I'm simply delighted that you are back.... :-)

    What a fabulous kit - as always, you have taken it in a great direction and made it perfectly yours. Great job on the item by item comparison and the pie charts look intriguing! This is going to be a good month if you are around :-)

  7. Oh yes, I do like your item by item reveal. So glad to have you showing us your mastery of forging kits again this month. It looks like a great mini kit, and I'll be waiting to see if you pair it with paper other than white cardstock. Enjoy!

  8. Welcome back, I missed you! I love what you have done here with your stamps, journaling cards and wooden objects. Should be fun to use. Looking forward to seeing you in action.

  9. Yay! SO happy that you're "home" for a month :-)
    Quite a stretch but you were marvelously up for the challenge.
    (I never doubted you for a minute xo)

  10. always loved your side by side comparisons and this kit reveal did not disappoint. Glad to have you here.

  11. Great take on the kit! I love the wood veneer pieces!

  12. Perfect version of Ali's kit! I really like the way you take each item by category and come up with your own version of it for your kit. Happy to have to you joining us this month!

  13. And this is why we've missed you! Fantastic kit - with lots of fun elements that are true to tje original but make it much more you x

  14. Love how u went about making ur kit. Very nice.
    Can't wait to see those forgeries :)


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