Thursday, 18 September 2014

Still no Layouts...

but, in between sorting the loft, manning stalls at car boot sales and 
generally doing plenty to keep me busy, 
I've made a few more cards and created my first "book"

I have now ticked all the cards of my sister's card list 
(apart from two Christmas themed ones which I refuse to do yet!)
which makes me feel quite happy.
I wonder what
the child will think of my first attempt at book folding...

I'm quite proud of myself to be honest.

Right, back up those wooden steps to find more car boot items ready for Sunday...


  1. Love the book and I'm sure Imogen will too. If that's your first effort can't wait to see the one you do for me. By the way, nice of you but I'm a bit more than 50.

  2. Gorgeous cards! Loving that cake and the purse! That book folding is AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. Oh wow! I saw some book folding on the wall of a cafe the other day and it amazed I'm amazed all over again. So striking!

  4. Seriously ... You made that!!! Oh wow, it's super impressive

  5. wow that book folding is spectacular hun, how on earth did you do that and how long did it take!

  6. That book is amazing - clever, clever girl!

  7. I love the clean eye-catching look of your cards, but the folded book is a stunner! You should be proud of yourself.


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