Monday, 29 September 2014

Snowflakes and Music

Now I don't really "do" Christmas Cards but as my sister had asked me to make a couple of snowflake cards for her I decided that I needed a new die - any excuse for a bit of shopping!

Having seen some lovely ideas on Pinterest, I ordered the Dazzling Snowflake Memory Box die
to create quite a classy card don't you think?

The child is getting quite exceed already about Christmas and has already 
started singing Christmas songs (argh!) which brings me quite nicely to the prompt over at


This year she took her Grade 5 violin exam. 
She was devastated when she came out, thinking she had done really badly with the pieces AND the scales and apologised for failing!

Well! She didn't fail at all...

...she passed with distinction!!!
She still thinks the examiner got her mixed up with somebody else!


  1. Stunning card and well done to your daughter!! What an achievement! Thanks so much for sharing with us at OBW!!

  2. Huge congratulations to you daughter, how fabulous.

  3. Hurray! Music exams are really scary and she has done brilliantly :)

    It's a beautiful card

  4. Well done! She is definitely not like me, I think I failed my ABRSM most of the time when I was young! LOL! Thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World Lesley!

  5. Wow that's amazing hun well done Imogen - Grade 5 - wow - loving the Christmas card

  6. 1 - I LOVE that die!
    2 - I agree with the child its def time to get excited about christmas!
    3 - Huge congrats to a very talented girl!!!! :)

  7. Wow, that's super, congratulation to your talentet daughter! My daughter tried to play violin years ago, but she skipped it!
    Your card is very pretty.

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  9. Congratulations to your daughter, what a great achievement! Love your snowflake card.

  10. Oh my I sooooo know this!! Paige was always the same! Congrats to your daughter! I know how hard it can be! I hope she continues to play and gets as much enjoyment out of it as Paige does... and we do watching and listening - eh?!

  11. Oh and your snowflake card is DIVINE! Its so serene and classical.

  12. Hi Lesley, what a lovely photo to post for 'Music' - it's just wonderful your daughter is learning to play the violin. Thanks for sharing with OBW, cheers Robyn


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