Saturday, 20 September 2014


is this week's prompt over at
and I wanted to share the
two things made me smile yesterday ...

I went for a regular check up and the nurse said
"Wow, how did you manage that?"

She was referring to my weight loss since last time I saw her a year ago and boy
did it make me feel good about how far I'd come.

Not 10 minutes later I was told by a fella that I hadn't seen in a while
"Lesley, you look amazing and you've lost so much weight"

I could have skipped the rest of the way through town.

As I don't have a photo to share of me smiling I thought I would share
this photo of the child 

and if you felt a bit down today, I bet you're smiling now!


  1. Ah hun acknowledgement for your hard work is fabulous!

  2. Gotta love those kind of days! Thanks for the smile!!

  3. This makes me smile!! What a great shot and once again ... Well Done To You!!!!
    Thanks for sharing at OBW!

  4. yes, the photo makes me smile, too :-)) it's infective :-)
    Thanks for sharing at OBW! and keep your power of endurance!

  5. That really put a smile on my face, what an amazing shot, thanks for sharing with us at Our beautiful world!

  6. Smiling sure is contagious...I'm smiling right now very much so for you....losing weight, great, you must feel birthday next weekend, so that's my starting point.....I'm ready. Have Friday Smiles, hugs for you thin person, Robyn

  7. Definitely contagious! Well done you..that's fantastic

  8. Fabulous photo - and very well done!


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