Tuesday, 20 May 2014

All Out!

Today I'm showing the last scrapbook page I created for LOAD before bowing out.
Back in February by determination to keep up saw me neglecting my family slightly
so when I was having one of those days this month I decided enough was enough
and just didn't do it.
I thought I would wake up in the morning feeling like I'd failed but the relief of not having to keep up outweighed that failure feeling and I haven't even read the prompts since!

I may catch up at some point but with the lovely weather we've been having that doesn't happen very often, who actually wants to sit indoors scrapbooking?

I love the look on this girl's face. Even as a toddler she was a keen little cricketer and went on to join a ladies team. This year she has taken the decision not to play because she doesn't think she's good enough and because the bowling affects her neck after the assault last year.

One day she may decide to play again...


  1. She looks so like you in that photo!! I'd have thought that was you when you were younger

  2. Ah bless a lovely layout, sometimes you have to put the scrapbooking down to enjoy the world around you Lesley, so not a failure just adjusting priorities! Hope you she does play again in the future!

  3. Good for you (and Imogen) - is there journalling somewhere? Hope so!

  4. I've been missing you over there :-( but understand that life is more important. But I loved this layout when I saw it in the LOAD gallery and again now!


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