Monday, 26 May 2014

A Weekly Hop

Last week I was invited by Jemma and Virginia (thank you ladies)
to take part in a blog hop tour and you can see their post by clicking on their names. 

Following on from these two is going to be a pretty daunting task as they have answered their questions so brilliantly and in depth that I'm going to struggle to come close.

Let's try...

1. What am I working on? 
Currently I'm working on keeping my head above water! Sometimes I can be "ready" for anything days or even weeks in advance but then other times, like now, I'm just constantly chasing my tail wondering why I didn't get things done when I had the chance instead of sitting, staring at the world around me and wondering where to start. Do you do that, think you have plenty of time and then PANIC!

So there are a few things that are keeping me busy right now...

A card that was meant to be with its recipient yesterday

My June Counterfeit Kit
(it's a lovely choice next month so be sure to join in)


a recipe book to hold all these tried and tested recipes...

You will hopefully see the finished product sometime next month

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I'm not sure it does to be honest with you.
I do have this love of white space as you can see by these layouts...

however I've recently tried to steer clear every now and again to avoid being "samey" as you can see...

It's one extreme to another don't you think?
Is there a happy medium out there somewhere?

3. Why do I write/create what I do? 
I started my blog a couple of years ago in order to make it easier to join in with online scrapbook challenges etc and since then I've just blogged more and more.

"Oh Blog It" is mainly for scrapbooking purposes but the odd "other" post will find its way in there too, maybe a card (like Jemma and most scrappers I think, I started out as a card maker) or a photograph just to break up the "norm".
I love joining in with memes although I do forget every now and again to join in.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

I just blab really when it comes to writing my blog but really envy those people like
Abi and Rinda
who have such a wonderful way of creative writing.

My layouts are 99% my own and ideas generally just pop into my head about how I want to scrap a photo or how I want the layout to look or how I want to tell the story.

There are many photos that I want to scrap over and over again whether it be for the love of the photo or for how many different stories can be told through it.

I will join in with challenges but I generally very loosely follow a sketch.
I prefer prompts or colour combos as, that way, the finished page is less likely to
look like somebody else's.
I do love to see how different people interpret sketches though - it amazes me how many different looks you can get from one sketch.

Next Monday, June 2nd, 3 more bloggers will (hopefully) keep this process going by nominating 3 more of their blogger friends to post the following week.

I am passing the blogger baton to... 

is totally inspiring with her many posts of her family life and her daughter's enterprising chicken business. 
She also runs the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt which kicks off on Sunday and I will definitely be joining in with that one. 
a friend on planet earth and not just in blogland, 
Gemma blogs her everyday life for her kids to look back on in years to come. 
maybe better know as Miniowner on UKS. 
She creates some fabulous cards and layouts and I for one would like to know more 
about her creative process. 


  1. Great post Lesley - good to see behind the scenes

  2. Love seeing those white space layouts all together. They look great. And it's always great to come here and see what you're up to. Great post. And yes, my time slips away into nowhere too!

  3. Thanks for passing the baton me! Love your answers, hope mine are as interesting lol

  4. Thanks for the shout-out. I'm mulling over my post and will do it soon. It's been interesting to read everyone's responses.

  5. Fab write up and loved your answers!

  6. What a super post ... how can I follow that? LOL Thank you for asking me.
    Sue x


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