Saturday, 19 April 2014

Here's One I Made Earlier...

The last couple of days have been spent sorting out my clothes.
I have one of those lift up beds full of a variety of outfits as well as a huge wardrobe
with far too many clothes for anyone to ever wear.
My Mum does a lot for the Hope House charity
and I always give my unwanted items to her as I know it's all going to
an absolutely wonderful cause.

I still haven't finished but so far have 4 bin bags full of clothes for the shop.
It's not that I just keep buying clothes but the fact that I hate to get rid of things - so I store them,
you know, "just in case".
Also having lost a bit of weight lately I can get rid of the bigger clothes as I am so determined NOT to put that weight back on.
Will you help me?
Those of you who read my blog and see me in real life (whether regularly or occasionally)
I NEED you to promise me that IF you see those pounds going back on
you MUST tell me and I PROMISE not to thump you ;)

Thank you!!!

Anyway, onto a layout I made a while ago.
Whilst playing with my Cricut.
I decided to cut some words...
 I used again to print the photos in three heart shapes.
Think I'm getting slightly obsessed with that website!

I do like how this layout has turned out though.

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  1. Beautiful layout, the heart shaped photos are just gorgeous x

  2. Beautiful layout, love the words. Well done on the clear out too :)

  3. I get rid of clothes all the time. There's probably a bin bag full very two months. I always put it in the charity container. There are some clothes I've hung on to but I'm really not that bad these days. and I don't buy all that many so sooner or later I dream of having a minimal wardrobe! My husband buys us a lot of weekend/downtime t-shirts thought so it's an ongoing battle.

    The layout is simply lovely. Love the die cuts and all that white space.

  4. That is a beautiful page. Congrats on the weight loss - I've a bunch of clothes I am hoping to fit back into after a serious diet. If I don't make it this time, I will donate them.

  5. WTG with the purge! and wow! this layout is fabulous! Gotta check out that website :)


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