Friday, 4 April 2014

Being Ruthless!

Being ruthless is not in my nature but, boy has it made me feel cleansed!
I have been so busy these last couple of days having a really good craftroom clearout that I have completely forgotten to blog or scrap for that matter!

It's Friday again and Rocking Your World Friday has passed me by as has
CH#1 over at the Counterfeit Kit Blog.

This clearout of mine has been brutal and I now know execatly what I've got AND where it is.

The huge pile of layouts that have been gathering dust are now in albums and
all my "for sale" items have been advertised.

I have such a busy week ahead of me that there won't be much time to blog, 

Here's a layout I created a couple of weeks ago of me and my Daddy.
I love this photo (although my daughter pointed out I look like a tortoise!)
 and it's not the first time I've scrapped it.
I also love the quote (found on Pinterest) which is so true.
My journalling is hidden under the PL style card in the middle of the layout.

Don't foget my new meme Do Something...MAD, I would love for you to join in and link up.
Go on, make a difference, make someone smile!


  1. I love this layout. Simple yet it says so much. :)

  2. Well done on the clear-out ... must tackle my own pile of layouts and unwanted stash ...

    Love the page and how you used vellum to both highlight and hide.

  3. Oh that's a beautiful layout, I'm just gathering supplies for the CKCB kit!

  4. Great layout, glad your clear out went well :)

  5. I can feel a clear out coming on. Has the "sale" worked? Sold anything? I'm wondering if it's worth considering anything like that as I haven't got a large social network.

    Super layout - subtle but lovely all the same!


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