Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Kit with a Twist

It's April 1st!!
Have you played a trick on anyone this morning?
Or have you been tricked?
We are playing a bit of trick this month by having a bit of a change and by playing a little game.
If you came here from my namesake Leslie and her magic blue box, 
then you know that already right?
If not, and you've just stumbled here by mistake, then why not head back to the start and join in?

Maggie, our Guest Designer starts the hop this month and will delight us all month
with fabulous layouts and beautiful sunny photographs from her home in France.

So, this month, we haven't been given a kit to forge.
Instead Case File No112 from CSI
has been chosen to inspire us to design our own kit.
I had great fun looking through all those drawers and cupboards that rarely get opened to find some bits and bobs that would fit perfectly into he "evidence" part of my kit and of course following
"the scheme" for the colours.
You will see over the course of the month how I have incorporated
"the testimony" into my layouts.
There are delicate leaves and fancy lace, lovely vellums and delicate materials all included
in this month's kit which I have aptly named...
 "April Fancy" 
 to reflect all the prettiness that has been
included ...

Now, look at my 3 facts and guess which one is NOT true to be in with a chance of winning...
Post your guess in the comments of THIS post before April 16th.  
Only one guess per person will be counted.

1. I own, at least, 100 pairs of shoes.
2.  I can speak 5 different languages.
3.  My middle name is Jane

Before hopping over to Julene in Oz,
don't forget to let me know in the comments box which YOU think is NOT true about me


  1. Such a pretty kit ! Love the embellishments. About your game, I think 2 is wrong !

  2. Gorgeous laces.Beautiful kit in fact. I don't think your middle name is Jane.

  3. Lovely blues in your pretty kit with the perfect name. I love the direction we all took this month with the interpretation of colours and elements. Yours will produce gorgeous layouts for sure.
    I can believe the statement about your shoes and the languages (as awesome as you are!) so I will guess that your middle name is not Jane. :-)

  4. Pretty kit - such a relief for me to see NO pink anywhere ;-) Love those veneers.

    I'm doubting your linguistic abilities and reckon #2 is false because I've seen a lot of different footwear on you!

  5. Love the blues in this kit :) and all the pretty frilly paper, the soft yellows and the veneer :)
    I think that the middle name is false

  6. I am totally amazed with each blog I visit this month! How pretty every single kit is! The ideas running through my head like crazy! I just love the blues of your kit!!

    As for the false statement, I don't understand my daughter's obsession with shoes so the shoes may be true. Five languages I can believe since you live in the UK and Europe and Britain are so much better then the US at having their children learn a minimum two languages but three or four is not uncommon. That's got to be true. So I'll pick number 3 as false.

  7. gorgeous kit, love love love the wood veneers! I think #1 is false :)

  8. Great kit. Such pretty bits. Nice to see the different directions everyone took in their interpretations. I am going to guess that number 3 is the lie and you just picked a random name to make up a falsehood.

  9. Loving all your wood embellishments! I'm going to guess that #3 is your falsehood.

  10. So much yumminess going on in your kit (love the fancy frame) but I think #2 is your fib... totally believe the shoes, though!

  11. That's a lot of shoes. I'll say that is the fib! As for your kit, I love the blues and yellows you have combined. The creaminess of the wood veneers work so well. Have fun creating this month.

  12. Swooning a little over your embellishment choices! Gorgeous!

  13. Such a brilliant kit.. and those embellies are just fabulous!
    I think NO. 2 is a little white lie!

  14. Beautiful kit! so soft and lovely.

  15. Lovely dreamy blues in your kit - how nice!

  16. lovely fresh blue, and those wooden frames look neat.

  17. I love your kit choices. Can't wait to see how it all turns out... I am going to guess that you can not speak 5 languages.

  18. Really pretty kit, perfect! It's so hard guessing these fake factoids! I'm going to choose the least surprising one of yours - #3 is the one that's not true :o)


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