Monday, 25 November 2013

With Bells On!

Well haven't I been neglecting my blog lately?

My darling husband gave me his man flu and I've been struggling with the pain in my neck (no, not my husband!)

This week, I've kicked myself up the backside, had a word with myself and decided that getting on with things (despite increasing the pain) will make me feel much better.

I started Imogen's advent calendar a while back and it's been hidden away since.
Today was the day to get it finished.
I'd seen a similar idea on Pinterest but didn't pin it as DD sometimes has a nosy through my pins!

Anyway, I think she'll like this year's advent.

A wreath style to hang on her bedroom door

with her own bauble to hang on the tree on Christmas Eve,

purple fairy lights and jingle jangle bells

I wonder what advent I will get this year?
Do you remember the "forest" I got last year?
I was absolutely delighted with it, well wouldn't you be?

Let's hope she doesn't see this post before December 1st!
(Note to self - DO NOT publish to Facebook!)


  1. Love it :) Cant wait to see what she makes for you.

  2. Brilliant advent calendar - love the addition of the lights and bells!

  3. So cute. And those lights are adorable. Of course, I am partial to purple! :)


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