Thursday, 14 November 2013

Style Swap Hop

Good morning and welcome to a different kind of Counterfeit Kit Hop!
We have (or should I say, Lisa has) been mixing it up this month and we've found ourselves scrapping another design team member's style.
If you've already said "g'day" to Julene in Oz then you've been doing the rounds but, if not, why not hop back to the beginning to see what fun we've all been having.
Why not try to guess who our scrap partners are.
(it's trickier than you think you know!)

So, the questions were set in a kind of multiple choice style and
here are my answers i.e. my scrap style...
and from that list, my creation using 16 of those answers
We were then sent another DT member's answers and asked to scrap their style.
Here are X's answers
There are only 7 differences between the two sets of answers.

The main difference is that I generally start with a photo but "X" starts with a sketch or design.
The new sketch challenge over at Sarah's Cards had recently caught my eye so I decided that this would be my starting point. 
and here is my creation based on those answers again using 16 out of 20 of the answers.

The difficult part is NOW - I have to guess whose answers I have scrapped.
Lisa H, is it you? - The very person who brought us this challenge?
Whoever it is, it seems we are very similar!

Have you managed to guess who my scrap partner is? Do you agree with my guess?

Maybe it's the other Leslie who is next on the hop....

Counterfeit Kit Challenge: 

I would be very grateful if you could take a little extra time to thank Lisa for all the hard work she has put into creating this challenge


  1. I love your layout. I wouldn't have a clue either.

  2. two fabulous pages,
    and I guessed wrong.

  3. Totally gorgeous work!!! Love what you have created!! I think Lisa for sure!!!!??? teehee

  4. What an interesting process! I can definitely see the similarities between you and Lisa. Both have such a dreamy, natural and soothing feel.

  5. Fabulous layouts and I love the chosen sketch

  6. Love your layouts, :) and I love the first photo too!

  7. Gorgeous pages - but a total cheat not to incorporate EVERY answer - I'm still hunting for the person who got ME as a swap partner! Love both your pages - both very YOU (lucky thing)!

  8. *sigh* I wish I could be either one of you! (scrap-wise, that is)
    Double stunner this go 'round, Lesley!

  9. Beautiful pages! I love the simplicity of the sketch you used for your swap layout.

  10. Haha this is so funny - that's three of you guessing Lisa. Lovely pages btw - Love the colours in the first one.

  11. fab layouts, as always!! Really love the first one and the SC sketch one is awesome!!

  12. You know that I always love your pages Lesley and to be honest, I wouldn't have put us down as similar! But your two pages really use the answers well and show off the similarities very well. What fun! I think my pages are "thicker" in general but your ages are so "put together". Much more than mine usually are! Love that you guessed me correctly :-)

  13. I love, love, LOVE both pages. If I could ever skim down to just a picture or two per page (I just can't force myself to ONLY scrap 1-2 pics per page) I would be all over these layouts! There are definitely some similarities here. : )

  14. wow both layouts look awesome! love both of them


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