Monday, 11 March 2013

We Are Evil!!!

Whilst on holiday last year, we visited Universal Studios in Hollywood.

It was such a hot day, so when we came across Coke Soak (and worked out what id did) we didn't think that the unsuspecting public would mind getting a bit wet!!!

OMG, what fun Imogen and I had, pressing buttons to soak people. There was a lovely looking chair that couples would sit on to have their photo taken without realising that they would have to walk around with a wet bum for the next half an hour. We were in absolute stitches.
Occasionally, somebody would look at us with a knowing smile but that didn't stop the evilness unravelling further. At one point a lady walked through trying to retrieve her daughter. Unfortunately for her, the green bucket had just filled up and we pressed the button just as she was right underneath it.

I originally bought this paper because I love coke (of the diet kind) but it just happened to fit perfectly with this photo.


  1. lol, you ARE evil! That said they have a similar thing at peppa pig world and me and caitlin were the same hehe

  2. He he he - evil people! You'd think all that water on the floor would warn people of what might be in store! Fab page - hope the story is on the back!


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