Sunday, 3 March 2013


Yesterday was "crop"day" and we all had a good laugh and yummy goodies whilst enjoying our passion.

I managed three layouts and without realising, they ALL comply with CKCB's first challenge of the month which is to create a layout with no journaling,
As you all probably know by now, I hate journaling on the front of my page but over the last couple of month's, due to a kick up the proverbial from someone who will remain nameless, I have been trying my hardest to overcome my fear.
However, yesterday, I got away with it!!!!

I will share just one layout today as I have a very busy week so may have to "blog cheat" for a day or two.

I'm off to Manchester today to share a very exciting day with my daughter (well, for her anyway)
She is going to meet her idol today and I think it will be the one time where she will be speechless so I really need to be there to see it and capture the moment.

Back to the layout...

We came across these huge machines on our road trip last year, one was made out of old license plates and another out of chains.
I sat for about half an hour yesterday trying to come up with a title.
"He gets my motor running" was a suggestion from Gillian. A great title but I didn't want hubby to get the wrong idea when he saw it!!!
"Scrapped" popped into my head (eventually) and it seemed like a perfect choice!!!


  1. Hi Lesley, fab page love all the negative space and all the photos. Hope you had a great day today!

  2. great page and i love the title

  3. A gorgeous layout Lesley! Love the photos and the title is perfect :) Sarah xx

  4. Brilliant page - love that title. I'll let you off a couple of pages without journalling - hope you'll be hopping again this month!

  5. Sooo much fun! Love the title and the tiny photos!

  6. Cute page and great title.

  7. Yah for you!!! Sounds like you had a good time scrapping! This is such a lovely page!!

  8. That is the perfect title and I love how it's all different fonts! x

  9. That is a great title! I am finding it a challenge to NOT journal on my page. I don't know if I can do it LOL


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