Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Space at last!!!

If you saw my picture from yesterday of my workspace you would think I was a real messy, disorganised sod!!!

Not really! Only in my craft room (usually) but I do eventually get around to tidying up.
I really need to have a GOOD sort out but I'm a bit of a hoarder (take after my Dad) and hate parting with things "just in case"

Anyway, I did tidy my space yesterday but I haven't done any crafting.
So I went from this

to this

in the space of about 15 minutes. I thought it would take so much longer that that which is why I left it so long!!!

I also received a package yesterday from Dapfnie of a gorgeous handmade card and a stamp I was lucky enough to win during Jennifer's blog hop.

Thank you Dapfnie

I can't wait to use it, probably at the crop on Saturday which I'm really looking forward to...


  1. Wow that is neat and congrats on winning the stamp! Have to ask though, whats with the spoons?

  2. Well done for the tidy workspace! I always do some tidying before starting a new layout and I love the feel after everything is in its place. Unfortunately very quickly the desks looks terrible after a few minutes again when having started a new project! LOL
    Glad you like the stamp! Enjoy your crop on Saturday!


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