Sunday, 4 November 2012


UKS CYBERCROP is nearly over :(

Well, what can I say? I'm really going to miss the fun of the UKS CyberCrop.
I've had some great laughs with my 'Splorer Teamies, I've sat here at night literally with tears rolling down my face with some of the banter that's been going on.

The CC itself has taught me so much and I'm especially loving the digi stuff which I've really started to get into and enjoy. I think this has to be one of my favourites. Having seen a similar Americanised saying, I wanted to make it my own and hence put this digi LO together...

I've also learned to journal more after being slapped on the hand (you know who you are) to follow the rules.
I normally hide my journalling as I don't like my writing but here I just scrawled all over the page!!

The next two LO's I used images from the Internet to print onto my background paper before adding photos and embellishments.

I also printed the violin onto sheet music paper for this one and really like how it's turned out.

I've also learned how to use those embellishments that I really don't like. Used in the right way, I don't think they look as bad as I first thought...

AND finally for now, sewing, I HATE sewing, but with inspiration (and after two failed attempts) I managed to get the LO how I wanted it. I'm glad I persevered and gave it a go....


  1. Love these layouts and that heart on the last looks fab!

  2. They are all beautiful :) Love the heart take on Jim Jams class...I need to have a go too :) Loved having you on my team as well :)

  3. absolutely love these, especially the icecream one, and there's nothing wrong with your handwriting so have another slap from me and do more journalling!! xx

  4. Glad that the CC got you out of your comfort zone Lesley - you produced some glorious pages. That first one needs to be printed onto canvas and mounted on the wall! And your handwriting is fine (not as nice as mine obviously LOL) and deserves to be on the front of pages more often.


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