Thursday, 16 June 2016


Challenge #3 for this month's Counterfeit Kit is...

Everything Old Is New Again
Showcase the oldest item in your kit in a new & fresh way!

I'm not actually sure which part of my kit is the oldest if I'm honest
 so I'll have to pretend (is that allowed?)

I am really not sure which part of my kit is the oldest
(maybe I should've paid more attention to the challenge before putting my kit together)
but I guess the papers would be at least two years old.

With this in mind I found a geometric pattern

and by cutting the pattern from one of my 12x12 sheets 
and the same pattern from my photograph 
I was able to substitute the parts of paper with parts from my photo that I wanted to include.

Although I haven't really "showcased" my oldest item, I hope I have inspired you
to cut into your paper and photos and use them in a more up to date and funky way!!!

Now if only I could do that with my body...

Until the next time - keep scrapping!


  1. Cute page! I love the pattern you used as inspiration!

  2. A very clever idea. I'm pinning this one. Your layout looks superb.

  3. Ingenious! That pp is definitely a retro vibe but your page is right up to date :D

  4. I love this! What a fab layout!


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