Saturday, 4 June 2016

(Not So Creative) FOF

If you are wondering what FOF is, let me help you out...

Forgeries on the Fourth is a Counterfeit Kit monthly post
where the Master Forgers attempt to inspire you to create your own elements, papers, alphas etc

You can find the post HERE so you can see what some of the other MFs have created
but not before you have seen how easy it can be to create your own matching chipboard
pieces to coordinate with your kit.
(Although not especially creative, it is helpful when you want to match up and you don't have the "just the right bit")

Firstly I die cut some random shapes...

Then chose a sheet of double sided paper to coordinate with my kit and die cut
the exact same shapes...

 So I now have the choice of paper sides to stick to my chipboard

 I also painted some shapes before stencilling over the top to create different effects.

There must be many ways to decorate your shapes, how will you do yours?

Link up and show us, I look forward to seeing your creations...


  1. Clever! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and a reminder to use die cuts to coordinate is great. I don't think I have any naked chipboard any more - or at least, very little - but of course the same could apply to decorated chipboard pieces which could be recovered to match! Perfect - the stencilled one is particularly cute! Thanks for the ideas

  2. I also love that this is easy-peasy but can give you that exact piece needed for your project! I could get totally carried away with the stenciling!

  3. these look good. I always love chipboard shapes x

  4. Wow these are so cool :) might have to look int those dies for cutting :) The answer to your question over on my blog (Cool Whip is a whip topping that is sold in the freezer aisle of our local grocery store, it's the name of the brand that is sold here :)


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