Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I don't know about you but I hate the fact that people expect a tip when I'm on holiday and I've paid for that holiday!

However, saying that, we are currently in a place where some workers don't even get paid.
They get food and board only for the job that they do and boy do they work hard at it.

Before we left home I threw a few "Misaotra" cards together
to leave in our room with a small tip to show how much we appreciated their hard work.

The cards aren't the best but it's the tips inside they will be most interested in I'm sure!


  1. I agree, such a lovely, kind idea. We always leave a tip but I'd never have thought to make some cards for them - smart thinking. I'm always grateful for those who provide me with service, usually in jobs I wouldn't want to do.

  2. I always leave tips on vacation, I mean somebody else is going to clean my room - that definitely deserves a tip. I always tell myself that I will make some cute cards to put them in, but I never do. Maybe this will give me a nudge.

  3. great cards and such a sweet thought


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