Monday, 2 December 2013

2 Out Of 3

Yesterday I was telling you about the Christmas Crop and shared 1 out of 3 layouts I completed using  the fabulous new  
available from

Today I give you 2 out of 3
"Dreams Do Come True"

This tells the story of a bar named Rock'n'Roll Ribs.
It is owned by one of the members of Iron Maiden and my husband was like a boy in a sweet shop when we surprised him with this visit at the end of our Florida Road Trip.
We had made it quite clear to him that there wasn't enough time to detour when we knew all along that we would have plenty!!!
He was even more in his element when he realised that they also sold Trooper Beer (at a premium!)

Bless him!!!

 I'll be back tomorrow with 3out of 3...


  1. Such a happy soul - fan page - I love the way you've put different colours behind the cut-out words.

    1. Fan page?!?!? Well I guess it is, but what I *meant* to write was faB page ;-D

  2. aww look how excited he is :) great layout again, love all the cut outs you're using

  3. Oh my that is a gorgeous layout!

  4. I am with jimjams on the colour behind the die cut - see I would never have thought of that! jenx


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