Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Stereorama & More

In the Cocoa Daisy September Kit there is a pack of 

Now the round one intrigued me and before I could begin to counterfeit it I needed to know what it was called. A number of Google searches failed before phoning Mum and Dad who, after a couple of attempts came up with "Stereorama".
Another entry into Google proved correct and gave me plenty of images to work from...
After several attempts I finally got the size and how to punch the squares so here is how I did it...

     Tools required
    Compass or die cut, pencil, ruler, hole punch, ½" square punch
    (2" square punch & notebook punch for the film strip)
    1. Cut out your  9½ cm diameter circle and mark at 0-180º, 30-210º, 60-240º 90-270º, 150-300º & 150-330º
    2. Draw another circle 0.7cms from the edge
    3. Using the lines as a guide punch your squares.
    until you get something like this...
     4. Mark one square as shown
     5. Using the corner of your square punch cut out two "v" shapes where you marked above
    6. Punch holes in between the squares using your line as a guide and one in the centre
    6. I them embossed mine...

    To make the film strip...
    1. Start with a 6½ wide by 13cm long strip of cardstock.
    2. Mark lines as shown at ½cm, 4½cm and 8½cm
    3. Using the lines as a guide and using your 2" punch, punch 3 squares.
    4. Using your notebook punch (mine is EK Success, you may need to alter your original measurements if using a different make) punch down both sides...


    1. If only I had a tiny square punch! Sigh. I love how you've counterfitted these.

    2. That notebook punch was the perfect thing!!! genius
      I am thinking of making a 12x12 Stereorama (the brand most of us in the states remember is "ViewMaster") using my larger square punch & then inserting photos! I will link up if I do it... Thanks for the inspiration!

    3. ohhh I have that punch :) Thanks for this.

    4. You rocked both of these tutorials! I seriously need to invest in a square punch.


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