Friday, 25 October 2013

Oh How I'm Rockin!!!!

I haven't done a Rockin' Your World Friday post for a couple of weeks but this week (and since I've been gone) I have a lot to share and be happy for.

My uncle is making a great recovery following his heart attack a couple of weeks ago.


Putting my new hobby to good use, I have so far made 30 crocheted poppies and raised £90 for
The Royal British Legion - this is a charity dear to my heart and gave me great help when I was injured in the forces. My aim is to raise £100 through the poppies at which point I will also donate a further £100 to Help For Heroes.

Last Friday I attended Manchester & Salford Magistrates Court.
Some of you may remember a few comments I have made on my previous Rockin' posts.
Here's the story....
On June 21st whilst attending a Robbie concert at the Etihad Stadium my 14 year old daughter was forcefully kicked in the back and catapulted into the row in front. The assaulter was a drunk 54 year old "woman". Since then, we have been battling for justice. She was interviewed by the Police and pleaded not guilty some two months later. Luckily for us, we had an independent witness (I will forever be grateful to her for giving us her phone number on the night) which helped our case and last Friday in court the "woman" decided to do the decent thing and plead guilty.
It doesn't end here but we now have the ammunition to move forward and FIGHT!!!!

My daughter amazes me more everyday. She was awarded some compensation in court ...
"Mum, we're going to have a girlie day out with the money so I can treat you for all the worry you've been through"
Even on the night of the assault she said...
"I'm glad she kicked me Mum and not you because you already have problems with your back"

This week is Half Term here in Cheshire and on Monday I had the best day with my daughter (not paid for by her) we went to Manchester for a girlie day and I surprised her with a theatre trip to see Wicked.
What a wonderful show that is.

Anyway, the icing on my cake came (as some of you already know) on Wednesday when the lovely Jen from WearCrafts also asked me to be on her new Design Team. You can see my post HERE.
We would love you to "Like" the Wearcrafts Facebook Page
and Jen also has a fab blog HERE.

So since last Friday things have really turned a corner for me and I really hope they stay on this "happy" track.

I hope some of my happiness rubs off onto my readers.
Wishing you all a very happy week and hope you will pop back to tomorrow to see what I have created with some of the rather delicious 
 that Jen has sent for me to play with.


  1. Well done on being picked for the Wear Crafts design team Lesley! Glad you're getting justice for the assualt on your daughter.

  2. Your world is certainly being rocked - and thankfully now in a GOOD way!

  3. So glad that you have had positive news this week and that you had fun in Manchester. I so want to see Wicked! Thanks for sharing. Caro x #4

  4. Great rocking post! I am a great believer in 'what goes around, comes around' and that nice people deserve nice things... so glad things have turned a corner. jenx :)

  5. Oh that's a fabulous Rocking post, glad justice seems to have finally have been done. How amazing is your daughter, even in the circumstances to worry about you her Mum - so a much deserved girlie day out - love love love it!

    Also hello Teamie - how wonderful is Jen, when I had the biggest dig deep week I can honestly say I was grinning from ear to ear when I heard from her.

    Hope you;ve had a good week!



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