Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Extra Ones

Here are the extra ones I did over the weekend ...

This double page layout came about because I had so many pictures showing different quirky bits of Route 66 that it would've taken me a lifetime to scrap them all individually. I used Photoscape to create the photos then cut a few up to fit. I have used different methods to hightlight some of the photos as shown below.

I think this could be my favourite because I've made my own 12x12 by printing one of my own photos onto the paper. This page is so simple but I love the way it turned out.

This photo of my daughter was printed quite large so I didn't want too much on the page. I got told off when I got home because she said "Mum, it wasn't a treasure hunt" - oh well!

The next LO was for the first challenge of the weekend. The photos I had were taken in France and the colours matched perfectly.

"13 already?" is a simple LO (I like simple) but still tells the story.

I love the way this one turned out AND the fabulous prize I won for it too. I layered cropped photos of my daughter and created the cluster at the bottom to follow the sketch. I don't think I'll ever quite understand "sketches" though!

Thank you Rachel for the photography advice, I now also have a whiteboard for the garden!!!!


  1. These are gorgeous pages Lesley. I can't see a couple of them though. You certainly scrapped more than me over the week-end !!

    1. Thanks Gwyneth, is it whole pictures you can't see or just bits of - I can see them all?

  2. OMGosh I loved that last LO when I saw it at the weekend - didn't realise it was yours. Love, love, love it!! I love the NY one too.

    Photo fail :( I did not get you on camera :( SORRY!!!

    1. Aww thank you, Jen, very kind comments. What a shame you couldn't find a photo :P

  3. Hi Lesley, was great to see you again at the weekend, I wish I had stayed up later though looks like I missed a treat! lol
    Stunning pages, I ADORE your sketch challenge page, the photo works so well like that definitely something I am going to try.
    Glad I could help with the board lol

  4. Great los nice to see the route 66 one finished as i saw you working on that just before i left the new york one has turned out great fab idea of the photo printed on to it and fab challenge lo well deserved win the photo layering is great

  5. Wow you were so productive - loved how you interpreted the sketch and the route 66 double layout is brilliant!!

  6. Wow you got so much done inbetween your glasses of wine ;)
    LOVE the LO, especially the sketch LO.

  7. I really love that U2 layout (mind if I scraplift?) and your NY layout is awesome! x


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