Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blog!!! What's a Blog????


5 months and 2 days since I last blogged - has it really been that long?

I am shocked that I have missing in action for that long!

I have been crafting, just not scrapping.
I have a pile of photos getting higher and higher
I can proudly announce that I scrapped!!
Yep, I did it it, two pages.

OK, pick yourself back up off the floor and take a look...

My beautiful girl on Prom Night this year.
If you see her, tell she is beautiful because of course she doesn't believe Mum!!!

My layout follows Susan's sketch over at Me and Mine

Here it is...

Why don't you join in yourself?

Thank you Sue for encouraging me to unblog myself!
(I had to sit and think about how to do it!)

So, did I enjoy scrapping again?
I did, it was a refreshing change and maybe that pile of photos will start going down again!!!


  1. Just perfect a beautiful page to showcase your beautiful daughter. I am honoured that my sketch brought you back to scrapping - thank you for joining in my challenge.
    Sue x

  2. Well done Lesley.A very beautiful page too. Hope to see more of you now :)

  3. SO happy to see you scrapping and what a page! Wow, wow, wow! Such a beautiful daughter and such a gorgeous page. Really wonderful. I've missed your pages. Glad to see you back at your scrap table and I hope you find a way to keep going ;-)

  4. If I see her, I will most definitely tell her that her mum is right, she is beautiful! So glad to see you back blogging and scrapping too. Do come and talk to us even if you haven't scrapped a thing - 5 months and 2 days is too long.

  5. Oh my. That is one stunning layout. I love the writing-have you done that? Gorgeous. As for your daughter, I keep telling you she's beautiful.

  6. Lovely to see a post from you hun and yes your daughter is beautiful!

  7. Stunning LO & a beautiful daughter :)

  8. Gorgeous - both the page and your daughter!

  9. How lovely to see your blog pop up and with a beautiful layout


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