Wednesday, 3 December 2014


That is how behind I am on commenting in MyFeedly!!!

I have come to the conclusion that I just will not catch up with that amount
and therefore please accept my big apology if I do not comment on anything before December 1st.

I have wiped you all out and hope you understand but I will, starting now, restart my commenting
and hopping.

Today brings me up to date with my

I have also had the great pleasure of playing with the December Kit but if I show you those
Jennifer will have my guts for garters!!!!

So, here are my last two layouts from the November Kit...

...the first is a layout of The Child from nearly 16 years ago (yikes!)
A bonny little lass who is nearly 16 and still just as beautiful.

This one is of my Nanna who made a little gap in this world for The Child nearly 16 years ago!
I would love to know why she would say Crinny 'Eck
I have never heard anyone say it since.
If you know the saying, make my day and let me know.

Right, I'm off to get  those Christmas presses wrapped and under the tree - are you ready for Christmas?


  1. Nice pages. And aren't you the brave honest one for admitting you hit the clear button. I am slowly catching up. My desktop is on its way out, and when I switched to using hubby's old laptop I got an hour into before I realized the battery needs replacing - it's not charging. I am sorely tempted to hit the clear button too - we'll see.

  2. Sometimes when you're behind on blog reading it's seriously easier just to start afresh :) a few months ago I got behind, and it was stressing me out trying to catch up, which in turn stopped me blog reading, so catch 22. So I gave myself permission to start as a fresh day. So good for you x

  3. Beautiful layouts. and dont worry you're not the only one who has gotten very behind on reading!


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