Monday, 27 February 2012

On a roll...

Ok, so now I've started a blog, I suppose I have to keep it up!
Until yesterday I hadn't even looked at one of my kits from Sarahs Cards for at least four months never mind use one.
The challenge got me going and with the retreat coming up and Haslington Crop on Saturday, my craft mojo is coming back slowly - I just needed that kick up the ...... to get me going.

My next layout I wanted to keep simple. The photograph fits across the page perfectly and I didn't want to take anything away from that beautiful picture. Again I've used my February kit with a bit of stash added from my ever mounting collection of goodies. (I must ged rid of this "it's too nice to use attitude!)

So, I've used my February kit from Sarahs Cards for my layout "13. Really!" as the colours went perfectly with the clothes my daughter was wearing for her 13th birthday photo shoot.

13. Really!

Fun Together (at Dad's expense)

To the moon and back

"Fun Together" is another layout using my February kit. I don't normally journal
 on my layouts becuase I hate my handwriting but this one was just calling out for an explanation
for all to read. It basically tells the story of us laughing so much that we were crying.
 It took 9 attempts to get this series of photos. There were many with no heads, feet etc
 and at one point we swerved so hard because Nick forgot to move out of the way
 that we almost fell off.

"To the moon and back" was created with leftovers from my kit 
(I like to use every bit possible) and to prove that pink isn't just for girls!!

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  1. Really love the first page with the photo shoot photo. The design is lovely :)


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